Box Set

Box Set

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Box SetPurchase the box set and receive Jeff Monroe's A Guide to Modeling, as well as a journal, composite card, quotes and autographed modeling photo. Also, for a limited time the guide includes a $25 gift certificate which may be used toward the purchase of a private coaching session.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Box Set go to the Jeff Monroe Foundation.

The Box Set includes:

A Guide to Modeling

Guide to Modeling The most affordable and effective way to get positive results.
For a limited time only, each modeling guide obtained will include a special $25 gift certificate. This exclusive offer may be redeemed toward the purchase of a one-hour private coaching session with Jeff Monroe. This is a wonderful chance to speak with the successful model in person or by phone.

Jeff Monroe's A Guide to Modeling contains all of the information you need to pursue your goal of becoming a model. A successful model himself, Jeff shares the knowlege he has gained over the years to help you reach your professional goals.

Learn more about Jeff's A Guide to Modeling


Journals A friend once suggested to Jeff that simple, everyday writing in a journal could become a fun and beneficial part of his life. At the time, he figured he had more important things to think about and procrastinated for over six months, until eventually deciding to buy his first journal in 1993. Jeff vividly recalls staying up late that night to write down his biggest dreams and aspirations within the modeling business. He felt so good for finally taking the opportunity to place all of his most passionate ideas and beliefs on paper. It was at that moment he began changing his dreams and ambitions into obtainable goals. There is no question that purchasing that very first journal was a major turning point in his modeling career. Jeff has been writing in journals ever since.

"If a life is worth living, it's worth recording." - Anthony Robbins
Jeff has filled thousands of pages that have documented his entire career as a model. The ritual of journaling has helped him plan strategic moves in his career. It has become an empowering habit for him that has produced many positive results over the years. Jeff hopes that you will also start writing in journals and be a witness to the magic it can create.

Jeff realizes the most challenging part about the writing process is simply starting, which is exactly why he has made one of these fifty page journals available to you with the purchase of the BOX SET. Jeff is confident that the 8 x 10 inch notebook will provide the momentum you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Composite Card

Composite Cards Composite cards are an extremely valuable asset to use as a model. They are like over-sized business cards with a variety of the model's best shots displayed on both front and back sides. Clients, art directors and photographers view them before hiring models, just like online portfolio books.

Jeff has collected his composite cards since the very beginning. He still possesses his first one from two decades ago. He has a sentimental attachement to these cards that have helped bring him so much success over the years. They also keep an accurate account of his entire history as a model, while being able to preserve many of his most memorable moments in the industry.

Jeff would like to show you his appreciation for taking the first step to pursue becoming a successful model. He wants you to have one of these composite cards that have brought him so much success over the years. Each card has been individually hand-picked and one will be included in the BOX SET. Take advantage of this opportunity to see what a professional card looks like, and own a special part of what helped Jeff Monroe establish his dynamic career.


Quotes Jeff Monroe takes great pleasure and gains wisdom from reading people's inspirational quotes. He finds it compelling that our daily thoughts and feelings have been expressed quite similarly, and often eloquently, throughout history. He always enjoys the talent of individuals who can use their own, unique wording to express what we already know to be true; smoothly stating the unclear in an obvious way. He just loves that words can explain complex feelings so simply.

"Nothing happens unless first a dream." - Carl Sandburg
Jeff included some of these quotes in the BOX SET in hopes that you will also become intrigued and share his interest for thought provoking quotes. He feels that as you become more enlightened, you better understand that everything you want in life is a direct reflection of the confidence built within yourself.

Jeff has personally selected over a hundred of his all-time favorite quotes for you to embrace, and hopes the motivational quotes will help inspire you you to pursue the modeling success you desire.

Autographed Modeling Photo

Autographed Photos Jeff Monroe has collected many autographed photos over the years. They have mostly been from individuals that have captured the world's attention by being the best at what they do. Some of the big names he has collected include Tiger Woods, Joe Dimagio, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Newton, Steven Tyler, Michael Jackson and Elton John. All of them are highly influential people that have undoubtedly made their mark in history as entertainments elite.

Jeff enjoys collecting personally signed pictures. He feels it gives him the chance to be a part of others achievements. And since success breeds success, he is proud to posses such respected momentos to cherish forever.

Jeff would like to show you his appreciation for taking this step in pursuing your dream to become a professional model. He is including a hand-picked, personally signed photo in the BOX SET. The autographed picture will be a nice reminder of the beginning of your journey toward modeling success.
Box Set

*Plus $9.95 shipping & handling on orders within the United States (includes media mail and delivery confirmation, average time: 5-7 business days). All sales are FINAL. No refunds or exchanges on any products or services.

All of the products above are included in the Box Set. Take the next step in your journey to success and purchase your Box Set today!

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