Fun Favorites

Fun Favorites

We asked Jeff:

To pick his top THREE personal favorites on a variety of subjects.

Favorite Numbers: 1, 7, 36

Favorite fruits: watermelon, bananas, strawberries

Favorite days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Favorite holidays: Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter

Favorite movies: Jerry McGuire, Gladiator, Wedding Crashers

Favorite books: "Unlimited Power", "Think and Grow Rich", "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

Favorite sports: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, College Football, Pro Motocross
Favorite colors: red, black, silver

Favorite activities: swimming, biking, running

Favorite dogs: Labradors, Bulldogs, Yorkshires

Favorite islands: Canary, Virgin, Hawaiian

Favorite bands: Dave Matthews, Elton John, Rihanna

Favorite toys: Honda CRF 450, Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Kawasaki SXR 800

Favorite superheroes: US Soldiers, Superman, and his mom - of course!

We asked Jeff:

To countdown his top TEN personal favorite moments during his career.
10. Meeting Madonna and her family at their home in the Hollywood Hills

9. Receiving an autograph from Michael Jackson on a Joe DiMaggio baseball

8. Acting in a skit with Diana Ross on the David Letterman Show

7. Racing in five Ironman triathlons in the same calendar year

6. Attending a concert with the late fashion designer, Gianni Versace

5. Speaking with Anthony Robbins at an Oscar night charity event

4. Flying in a private plane and helicopter with Sir Elton John

3. Qualifying and competing in the prestigious Boston Marathon

2. GQ and Calvin Klein Fragrances Year of the Man contest winner

1. Appearing on the Polo Sport underwear boxes and billboards

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