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Private Coaching with Jeff Monroe Jeff Monroe's private coaching sessions are based solely on each person's specific needs and concerns regarding their own development. They are not modeling classes or personal training sessions. These 60 minute sessions are specialized courses which give full attention to the individual and one of his or her family members that wish to participate. Jeff supplies the information and advice needed for creating higher standards as well as wonderful new habits. Jeff helps his clients build the type of focus and motivation required for achieving greater success.

Jeff is committed to the effort of assisting others make positive changes in their lives. His encouraging attitude immediately gives his clients momentum to get the ball rolling. By instilling an optimistic attitude in his clients, Jeff believes they can reach their goals and open the door to endless possibilities. Jeff organizes a detailed game plan for his clients to follow, including a priority list for each short and long-term goal. Jeff makes his strategy work by teaching them how to take the proper actions necessary to move closer toward the desired outcomes, effectively helping them to conquer their ambitions in life.

The supportive one-on-one coaching sessions from Jeff Monroe have produced many success stories. These sessions have allowed people the ability to realize their full potential - to be the best they can be. Jeff has helped individuals raise their standards by developing their talents and empowering beliefs. Jeff's private coaching sessions are a fun way to build a solid foundation that can generate greater confidence and higher self-esteem.

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