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A note from Jeff Monroe

Hello - Welcome to my website. Over 30 years for me in the modeling business, and nearly as long in my personal training career. A lot has changed since my early fashion jobs. Though honestly, being on Times Square billboards and the cover of GQ Magazine with supermodel Heidi Klum still feels like yesterday.

There is no question that I had the time of my life establishing both of my professions. All the fun-filled adventures allowed me to pave my own successful path, which has brought me full circle to where I can now focus on giving back through my non-profit charity, the Jeff Monroe Foundation and the My Model Body® Exercise Game.

In the end, I have a sincere passion for physical education. I enjoy establishing partnerships, true meaningful relationships. It’s rewarding to help men and women of all ages reach their personal aspirations. I find that my positive, non-intimidating approach to well-being allows me to have fun while providing the best products and services for my clients.

And that’s why I would love the opportunity to be your inspirational coach moving forward. Let's commit to each other and make it happen together! Time to become healthy and happy this year and beyond. Please contact me to get in the best shape of your life, so we can make the most out of this next chapter.

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