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Jeff Monroe - Personal Trainer

Jeff Monroe has taken his years of experience within the fitness field to develop his personal training sessions. He has kept it simple by breaking the exercise program down into four groups in which he feels every one of his clients should adhere to: cardio, core, skills and stretches. These four categories cover a wide range of movements that are based off of Jeff's MY MODEL BODY® Exercise Game.

The key to a healthy mind and body is to practice and train MY MODEL BODY® exercises in as many ways imaginable. Jeff feels it's essential for his clients to mix all of the dynamic movements up, constantly using different combinations and timing patterns. The focus is on high intensity, low duration exercises. His proven formula prevents boredom and plateaus while continuing to improve their overall fitness levels.

Jeff's strength training workouts keep the metabolism high, connective tissue strong, prevent loss of muscle and help maintain good posture. His aerobic/anaerobic training sessions will condition the heart, improve endurance, lower cholesterol, decrease appetite, increase stamina and reduce blood pressure. Total body resistance training really is the best way to burn fat and build muscle. His clients will soon be sleeping better while enjoying countless other positive effects from his well-rounded routines.

In the end, Jeff's MY MODEL BODY® personal training sessions get real results by being creative. He provides an effective full body workout while using great time management skills. Most importantly, each session is hand-crafted to fit each client's goals and health needs. So if you are ready to have fun and get in the best shape of your life, sign up today!

To make an appointment with Jeff Monroe, please fill out the form below. If you would like to learn more about about personal training with Jeff, please take a look at the Personal Training section of the website.

Pricing (60 minute personal training sessions)

Earn a FREE Team Monroe t-shirt when successfully completing 15 personal training sessions.

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Option one: 5 Sessions

  • Session 1 - $100
  • Session 2 - $100
  • Session 3 - $100
  • Session 4 - $100
  • Session 5 - $100

Total = $500

Option two: 10 Sessions

  • Session 6 - $100
  • Session 7 - $100
  • Session 8 - $100
  • Session 9 - $100
  • Session 10 - FREE

Total = $900

Option three: 15 Sessions

  • Session 11 - $100
  • Session 12 - $100
  • Session 13 - $100
  • Session 14 - FREE
  • Session 15 - FREE

Total = $1,200

Clients who sign up for 15 MY MODEL BODY®Personal Training Sessions will have the payment average out to only $80 per session. Make the commitment today!

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