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Jeff Monroe's Guide to Modeling

"Your guide saved me a lot of money by not having my child attend any high-priced classes or photo shoots and it's great that a portion of the proceeds go toward the Jeff Monroe Foundation and other non-profit organizations." Paula - 34

"I recommend anyone interested in modeling to buy your guide. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars to be given modeling tips from somebody that isn't even a professional model?" Jen - 27

"My mom keeps thanking me for finding your website. We got your guide just before she was about to spend $2,100 on modeling classes for me...I would just be starting the school now, but instead I'm already represented by a legitimate modeling agency."Ellen - 14

"I write in your journal every night before I go to bed. It's a fun way to remember what I did." Stephanie - 19

"Thankfully your guide has given the opportunity for anyone to have their modeling questions and concerns answered in detail." Shane - 27

"I was actually very surprised how professional and organized your guide was for such a cheap price. It costs practically nothing compared to all the expensive modeling schools and scouting conventions." Tammy - 28

"It was great to receive and review your guide in the privacy and comfort of my own home." Raphael - 23

"Thanks for the autographed picture, it's a great bookmarker. That box set is the way to go...the quotes, autographed picture, composite card and journal all for practically free just for buying the guide...that's a deal." Taylor - 17

"Why would any parent be willing to pay hundreds of dollars before buying your guide? You are a professional model with years of experience...I'll listen to you way before spending tons of money elsewhere." Brent - 33

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"I appreciate your honesty and willingness to help my boy. The guide really helped us both learn important information about modeling without spending hundreds of dollars." Corey - 32

"Thanks for letting us learn from your old mistakes. Your guide just helped me save a lot of money on my little boys. I would have paid $595 dollars for each at the modeling convention and that's not including any airplane tickets or hotel bills. Who would not want to buy your guide first?" Sherry - 38

"Your guide definitely helped me learn a lot of the modeling vocabulary words. I now understand what a first option is, editorial shoot, go-see, open call, request casting and many more things...I had no idea before getting your stuff. Thanks for explaining everything so simply." Stacey - 19

"My dream was to become a model. I didn't realize how easy that dream was to make true. I'm now represented by a legitimate modeling agency. Thanks for explaining what types of pictures to show the bookers." Anne - 20

"That composite card with all the pictures is pretty neat. I showed it to all my friends at school." Amanda - 16

"And you were right! There is nobody that is willing to help aspiring models like you, especially for such a low price." John - 18

"I recommend your modeling guide to anyone interested in modeling. We now have them at home to review anytime." Tom - 41

"Thanks for not holding anything back in your guide. You simply told me the truth...exactly what I wanted to read. It only took me one week to land my first job." Jason - 23

"I'm glad your ambition of starting JDM Productions worked out. You have now given me a realistic and affordable way to pursue becoming a successful model...You should be proud of yourself for helping others."Carolyn - 24

"The guide is really nice to have, because I can now look back at it during different stages in my own modeling career." Thad - 19

"You turned the light on for me. I now realize how this business works. I am glad you talked about the different types of modeling too." Kim - 21

"You really do have the unique vision to see modeling obstacles as opportunities. That's real positive thinking!" Steve - 54

"The journal has helped me never lose sight of who I am and where I am going in the modeling business." Bobby - 19

"Being a mother of three I am glad that your guide was simple and direct. My children had no problem understanding what you were saying." Nancy - 41

"You obviously know what you are talking about, especially after reading about the top modeling agencies that represent you. I don't know anybody that is with such famous modeling agencies besides you." Ken - 23

"Thanks for giving me the knowledge and confidence to kick ass in modeling. I now know what it takes to make my goals come true." Julie - 19

"I'm glad your guide gave me a clear understanding on what it takes for my children to make it in modeling. They like writing in your journal too." Kelly - 36

"I really appreciate you taking the time to gather all the information about the different types of modeling. Your guide was so much more useful than the modeling school I signed up for last year and a lot less expensive." Wendy - 23

"Thank you for the motivational quotes and autographed picture. I like the shot on the back the most. I really like the composite card a lot too." Beth - 19

"You were right Jeff! Just think about it. Would I rather spend $1000 to $2000 on a modeling school that is most likely not even taught by professional models or would I rather invest a small fraction of the price toward purchasing an educational guide that is personally written by one of the most successful models in the business? The decision was obviously very easy for me to make. Thank you!" Tony - 28

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