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Jeff Monroe has over 30 years of experience within the fitness field. He is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutritional specialist. He also holds up-to-date certifications in CPR, AED and First Aid. His knowledge and insight is well worth the investment. He gets his clients the results they want by strategically balancing the five components of optimum physical fitness: Cardio respiratory endurance, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility and Nutritional body composition.

Jeff trains famous musicians and world champion athletes, but his personal training sessions are not just for celebrities. A large number of Jeff's clients are hard working men and women who want to achieve their wellness goals. With his incredible enthusiasm for fitness, Jeff provides the guidance and motivation needed. He customizes his 60 minute workout sessions to empower the individual he is training, giving them the resources necessary to get their best body. Jeff supplies the information and inspiration needed to create a true lifestyle change. So forget about the quick fix diets and weight loss pills. It's time to learn the keys to having a healthy body and mind!

Training Philosophy


One of the best physiological advantages gained from Jeff's workout schedule is hypertrophy, which is the opposite of atrophy. It refers to the increase in size to a muscle, which leads to an increase in strength and endurance due to overload. He is a master at skillfully combining the four dimensions of exercise overload: (Type, Frequency, Intensity and Duration) in a fun, safe and effective way.


Flexibility is another important aspects of Jeff's training philosophy. Stretching helps prepare gradual metabolic adaptation, decrease risk of injury, prevent muscle soreness and increase range of motion. Incorporating a variety of dynamic and static stretches into a well-balanced exercise program is essential.

Mental Fitness

Jeff incorporates the psychological aspect of training by advising interested individuals on the best ways to achieve their body image goals. Effectively focusing on the five D's: Drive, Desire, Dedication, Determination and Discipline. This powerful combination allows for extraordinary mental and physical rewards to occur in a short amount of time, which results in a fantastic (cross training) workout while using great time management skills.


Jeff also teaches his clients about nutrition and the importance of creating healthy eating habits. Leverage is a necessity when faced with the pain and pleasure principle related to food. He incorporates the major food groups and suggests what types of food to eat at what times of the day. Remembering that balance, moderation, portion control and consistency are what make up a solid nutritional plan.


Cardiovascular endurance is Jeff's specialty. He is at the top of his game by knowing how to fight atherosclerosis, which is the narrowing and hardening of the artery walls caused by plaque build-up. This progressive process silently and slowly blocks arteries, putting blood flow at risk. Jeff's scientifically proven techniques get incredible results by switching between aerobic and anaerobic activities. These interval training methods not only strengthen the heart, they will also burn maximum calories to reduce body fat for peak endurance and fitness performance.

Personal Fitness

Jeff Monroe working out

Not only does Jeff train his clients to be the best they can be, he also puts his tools and techniques to use in a variety of competitive environments. He has competed domestically and internationally in numerous Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman® 70.3 and Full Ironman® 140.6 triathlons. Jeff is a "GOLD" Ironman® All-World Athlete, which is the top 1% in his age division worldwide, as well as a USA Triathlon All-American. He has also run in several 5k - 10k - 21k - 42k marathons, including the prestigious 26.2 mile Boston Marathon. These types of activities are what enable him to maintain 5% body fat and a resting heart rate of 36 beats per minute. It's clear to see why he has been chosen to appear in countless health and beauty magazines, covers of fitness books and on Polo Sport underwear boxes.

Jeff knows what he is talking about and knows how to make positive changes in his clients lives. This is largely due to his non-intimidating approach to exerise and nutrition, not to mention his enthusiastic personality and overwhelming passion for life. So please, be proactive and make it happen!

If you're ready to reach your fitness goals, make an appointment with Jeff today!

Interested in Modeling?  Learn from a Professional!
Interested in Modeling?  Learn from a Professional!
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